The Web of Love

A reading of my poem, The Web of Love
The shell of my selfish egotism begins to crack 
What emerges is vulnerability, tenderness and openness -
The possibilities for self-actualization

I enter into a real, an authentic relationship, with the world
I give my gift with gratitude, opening the gates to joy and to bliss

The path to aliveness, the road to true love, presents itself

The "I", the self, slowly vanishes as 
I join with all beings 
in the web of life

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A Call for Empathy: A Plea for Compassion — Pointless Overthinking Article

Happy Saturday everyone!

You can view my latest post for Pointless Overthinking, which is a meditation on empathy, by clicking on the link below.

A Call for Empathy: A Plea for Compassion — Pointless Overthinking

I’ll be back with some original content on A Life of Virtue Blog next week.

Hope you enjoy the read and have a great weekend:)


Podcast : To Be Human

Below is a poem I wrote on embracing the human condition, and all the beauty and terror that comes with it.

Humans such fragile beings
A desire to be heard
A desire to be seen

A vast longing to be loved and understood

Driven by ambitions and lofty goals
Riddled by confusion and anxiety

Grasping, clinging for any sort of certainty
Building great towers to protect our vulnerable egos

Prepare we may, prepare we can
But Nature will not cede to our demands

Where will you take shelter from the storm?
Where will you go when the flood rolls in?

Flow with the current of life
Dance with danger, tango with terror

What else can we do but love our difficulties
Keep them near, let them change you for they are dear

Beware of those who seek refuge in digital utopias
Seduced by the grand illusions of fame and fortune

Ignore the screens, those cold machines
With perfect bodies, perfect smiles, perfect lives and perfect teeth

What is a human but a flawed being in search of transcendence?

We can still embrace and overcome
We can rise above rough waters and high tides

We can still be human – after all

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A reading of my poem, The Web of Love
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