Longing for Home

What does it mean to be at home? 
A simple sentiment, but one filled with rich metaphorical meaning 

Home is much more than a shelter which protects you against the elements
More profound than a property that stores your possessions

It is a refuge not only for the body, 
but for the spirit

Home is where we feel a deep connection, an intense bond, to a sense of place 
It is where we are nourished by our relationships to our family, community and traditions  
It embodies our identity, and  answers the questions of who we are, and what we live for

Home carries the weight of responsibility,  
It ties us together in reciprocity 
Joins us in unity, as we act towards a higher purpose

How different things would be if we were to cherish the earth as a home for all living beings?

To put away our naïve fantasies, 
venturing to new planets, 
existing in virtual worlds 

For everything we need is right in front of us

The earth is a gift, 
 Life - a dance, a celebration in gratitude  

We sing in praise of  its beauty 
and dance in service of the mystery

Source Image: Pexels Free Photos

4 thoughts on “Longing for Home

  1. Home is family!
    It’s where one finds peace even amongst the hustle of each day, but knowing there is solitude and comfort with those around you and those we love.
    As I write this, I am away from home, but I am longing to be home soon!
    Andrew, your words brings joy to my life … as I’m sure it does to others too!

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