The Empty Promises of Consumerism

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As our inboxes become filled with Black Friday sales, what better time to reflect on the “Empty Promises of Consumerism”

Advertisements will try to persuade you that buying their product will fill you with joy, happiness and contentment. However, the treadmill of consumerism only leaves us wanting more and more – never satisfied with what we have.

In this article I explore how our consumer culture often leads us feeling empty, lost and resentful. In the final analysis, buying stuff doesn’t fulfill our more fundamental human needs of self-actualization, friendship/belonging and self-esteem.

The best things in life are usually free.

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A Life of Virtue: Philosophy as a Way of Life

With Black Friday in recent memory and Christmas shopping right around the corner, what better time to look at the issues of consumerism in our society.

Modern advertising is rather peculiar. If you pay close attention, you’ll realize that many of the commercials you come across don’t actually tell you much about the product that is being sold. The advertisement doesn’t present reasons or rational arguments as to why you should buy the product. Rather it appeals to our deep-seated emotions and desires.

It speaks to our universal longings to be loved, to have close and genuine connections, to be acknowledged, respected and to be authentic.

Let’s take a minute to look at this perfume commercial for Coeur Battant by Louis Vuitton.

Notice how the commercial doesn’t tell you much about the product being sold. What does it smell like? What is the price point? How does it compare…

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