The Perils of Perfectionism and the Joy of Being Ordinary

Check out my latest piece for Pointless Overthinking “The Perils of Perfectionism and the Joy of Being Ordinary.” It is about embracing the complexities and wholeness of being human, and escaping the pressure of perfectionism.


Pointless Overthinking

Scrolling down our various social media profiles may give us the impression that everyone that we know is having the time of their lives 24/7. Glowing smiles of newly formed relationships, exotic foods, sculpted flawless bodies all exemplify the perfection that they have achieved. One puts down their phone and is immediately filled with a sense of unease, envy and a punctured self-esteem. All this is compounded by the fact that the digital world has made it possible to constantly compare our day to day lives with almost anyone around the globe.

We then ask ourselves, why can’t my life be as exciting and glamorous as the celebrities, influencers or friends that I see on Instagram?

Of course, we know that their carefully constructed profiles are just a façade, yet we struggle to remember this. We fail to take a broader more nuanced perspective. While we are exposed to the…

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3 thoughts on “The Perils of Perfectionism and the Joy of Being Ordinary

  1. Great post Andrew! Oh yes, working on acceptance and finding that right “balance” is key. Overcoming perfectionism certainly is a tough one; but “awareness” is a step to working on your true inner self. Thank you for this insightful post ❤

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