In Search of Inner Freedom

A Life of Virtue: An Introduction A Life of Virtue: Philosophy as a Way of Life

A deep yearning calls upon me

I turn away but its call becomes louder

It pulls me forward, and shows me the path

Like a lighthouse guiding lost sailors on a hazy night, or 

A fire illuminating the exit in a dark cave

This call, this feeling within, grants me the courage to plunge myself into the unknown and be transformed

I shine brightly radiating amidst the mundane everydayness of day-to-day life

This symphony of colors paints the canvas of my true being

For the first time in my life

I am truly alive

For the first time in my life

I am free

If you'd like to share in the comments, what makes you feel most alive? 

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10 thoughts on “In Search of Inner Freedom

  1. You are such a gift.
    Do you ever express yourself with this Andrew?
    You have alot of talent and are gifted but so quiet.
    I know all the things you say and feel… I completely understand every single thing!
    zia tree ☺️

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  2. It’s hard to name one thing alone that makes me feel alive, for personally, it depends on which facet of spirit is expressing itself. Composing makes me feel alive, I get to express all my emotions, thoughts, joys, pains and desires; it satisfies a hunger, a perpetual knocking or as I have always described it, life’s calling. Writing about other things is nice, it has pushed me to express myself on a third language, it has helped me grow in that area (bit by bit) but it’s not unique to me..poetry on the other hand is an art and unique to one’s soul–I very much enjoy your poem, thank you for sharing it🙏
    Physical things that make me feel alive, the feeling of the ocean or river waters against my skin, dancing to gentle sensual tunes, playing my guitar, chess, horseback riding or bull riding, fires at night, letting my thoughts wonder about life, reading a good book, Tantra and let’s not forget traveling (LOVE IT…who doesn’t? 🤷‍♀️). I think it’s beautiful the many expressions life provides for our own healing, recharging and expansion.

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    1. Beautifully written, and many thanks for sharing. In my view, those moments where we feel most alive or most present, take precedence over and outshine the mundane day-to-day aspects of life. They leave an imprint on our being.

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