How to Manage Uncertainty: Lessons from Philosophy

Sharing an article I have written recently for Pointless Overthinking.

Reflects on similar themes I’ve dealt with in the past, namely how philosophy and spiritual exercises can help us deal with the uncertainties in life.

Some original content coming soon on A Life of Virtue on Taoism, stay tuned:)

Wise & Shine

If there is anything that we seem to fear most in this world, it is uncertainty.

The great unknown, the darkness that lies in the abyss.

Uncertainty about how the future will unfold is the source of many of our anxieties. This is because we desperately crave certainty. We dream of secure and orderly lives where everything goes according to the plan – the script that was laid out for us when we were born.

However, if we are honest about this inquiry, we will come to the realization that there are few things that we can actually be sure of in life. I don’t really know what the future holds for me, and what will happen in one, five or ten years from now. Seemingly random events outside of my control can occur at anytime and alter the course of my life for better or for worse.

So in…

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