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A Life of Virtue: Philosophy as a Way of Life

If there is anything that I feel that I need to preserve as I grow old, it is wonder The ability to find awe in the mundane, the seemingly bleak trenches of everyday existence How is it that a child is to able to see the sublime in the routine? To look at the ordinary and see what is extraordinary To paint the world with their vivid imagination To have boundless curiosity radiate through their being During a walk on a cool summer morning, my attention is suspended by the rising sun piercing through the hazy clouds Wonder emerges as I see the birds gliding through the sky, singing ecstatically Soaring effortlessly into the horizon, they find reprieve in the towering trees Riches, wealth and power all pale in comparison to the awe and bliss found in Nature As I shed the veil of adulthood, I see the world once…

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4 thoughts on “Wonder

  1. Andrew,

    Such a beautiful reminder to not lose our capacity to appreciate the richness of life! ❤️

    You are a fantastic Writer!

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